Citizens' Movement for Environmental Justice: The Travel of Disposable Products Project


Mission Statement

CMEJ (Citizens' Movement for Environmental Justice) perceives that the environmental crisis on the global ecosystem and the Korean peninsula originate from the growth-oriented civilization and the worldview of dominance and suppression. To overcome this crisis, we seek to contribute in the realization of a socially righteous and ecologically sustainable environmental justice.


Everyone has the right to live in a clean environment as well as the right not to be exposed to dirty and dangerous environments. When such rights are deprived or forced by others or the authority, we call it "illegal" or "unequal."
"Environmental justice" can be defined as the act of finding the equilibrium point by facing up to the unequal situation between rich and poor, between developed and developing countries, between current and future generations, and between human beings and nature.

Program Details

[Earmarked Project]
- The Travel of Disposable Products
Every day we create trash, but not many of us are aware of how it is treated once it leaves our house. This project enables citizens to observe the process of waste treatment and hopefully become more self-aware regarding one-time use / disposable items.
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- Climate Justice Realization and Policy Response
The damage from the climate crisis is not fair. More damage is exacerbated to future generations and vulnerable groups who are less responsible for the climate crisis. CMEJ investigates the damage cases of the climate crisis and proposes policies based on the definition of climate.
- Environmental justice Policy Research
We investigate environmental inequality hidden in all aspects of our society including it between rich and poor, rural and urban, and adults and children. To resolve such inequality, and therefore justice is seen to be done, we provide alternatives such as improved environmental policies and law systems.
- Food justice
The health problems of the vulnerable groups, the destruction of the ecosystem, and the problem of food workers suffering from long-term, low-wage work are caused by the food. The food justice movement strives to solve the problems surrounding food in our society.
- Reduction of harmful substances
Chemicals and air pollutants threaten our health. Since the health consequences of harmful substances are not all equal, we strive to reduce the damage of the more vulnerable and sensitive population.
- Citizen participation
CMEJ strives to overcome the environmental crisis of the global ecosystem and our society. And we invite citizens and members to do this. You are an environmental activist with a beautiful heart of participation and practice.
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