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California State Parks Foundation and its 70,000+ members are committed to ensuring that state parks continue to provide adventure, renewal and inspiration, education, historical and cultural awareness and recreation to all Californians.
California's state parks provide endless opportunities to engage with nature and the community. From boosting health and creativity to fostering ecological solidarity for people of all ages, access to parks is essential to our shared humanity.
Although Californians love their state parks, these special places are under threat. Maintaining these open spaces requires a tremendous amount of stewardship and care — much more than the dedicated park staff can provide. Natural habitats, cultural resources, and visitor amenities are all threatened by a lack of people power and financial resources.
To address these challenges and strengthen the California state parks system, we are mobilizing champions to accomplish our goals of access for all, adequate and sustainable funding, and park protection.

Mission Statement

California State Parks Foundation is an independent, member-supported nonprofit dedicated to protecting and preserving the California state park system, for the benefit of all.

Program Details

Access for all: All Californians should have access to the positive impacts parks have on health, happiness and quality of life — but not everyone does. By increasing access, more Californians enjoy the benefits of state parks, and we can build the next generation of park stewards.
Adequate and sustainable funding: Maintaining state parks requires a tremendous amount of support. Wildlife habitats, cultural resources and visitor amenities are all threatened by a lack of financial resources. Adequate and sustainable funding provides parks with the means to reach their full potential.
Park protection: State parks face many threats — from the depletion of their priceless resources to dangers like climate change and wildfires. They must be preserved as our state’s greatest collection of natural, historic and cultural treasures.
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