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OUR VISION Evidence Based Ocean Engagement Empowering Positive Ocean Connections & Actions that Instill in Others the Passion to Care, Strength to Act and Vision to Inspire: 
Working with partners, communities, schools,  corporations, agencies and governments around the world to design, develop and implement research based programs and initiatives for sustainable positive impacts on the health, wellbeing, safety and strength of our oceans and communities.

Mission Statement

To positively impact how we all Feel, Think and Act towards our oceans and our communities.

Program Details

Blue Journey Wave Safe - Expanding on the recently launched NOAA National Weather Service "Wave Safe" series this initiative spans the country and insular territories to protect and empower our coastal communities and those visiting these areas. A primary focus of the initiave is creating educational and experiential opportunities for people to learn how to be safe in, on and around our oceans and open waters. At the same time we connect people to behaviours and actions that positively impact the safety of our oceans, natural aquatic habitats and wildlife. Our environmental and advocacy partners include Seafood Watch, NOAA National Weather Service and NOAA National Marine Sanctuaries as well as local conservation and stewardship initiatives. This program includes youth and adult engagement programs that are both one time experiences and ongoing initiatives.
Primary Issue
Secondary Issue
Climate Change
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