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Mission Statement

BridgingtheGap4Water's goal is to do just that: bridge the gap between the plentiful resources we enjoy in the United States and the thirsty developing countries of the world. The funds raised through our foundation are used to provide people in developing countries, particulary countries in Africa, with safe water sources and education in sanitation and hygiene. Access to clean water changes lives, and it is our privilege to help facilitate that access.


Bridgingthe Gap4Water is a non profit that raises money and awareness for clean water in developing countries. 100% of the money given goes for safe water projects.
The primary purpose of BridgingtheGap4Water is to raise money and awareness for clean water in developing countries.
In exploring the worlds of developing countries such as Mexico, the Philippines, Africa and most recently Nepal, I have become aware of our country’s abundance in contrast to developing countries, which has heightened my compassion for their people and their needs.
While trekking in the Himalayas over 13 years ago, I had a lot of time to listen to God speak to my heart and mind. While prayerfully thinking, a plan began to form of building a team of givers so that we can help bridge the gap between our abundance and those who have such great needs. “Yes, God will give you much so that you can give away much, and when we take your gifts to those who need them they will break out in thanksgiving and praise to God for your help.” –II Cor. 9:11 LB EVERY.1 NEEDS CLEAN WATER!

Program Details

The annual Walk4Water raises awareness of and funds for clean water projects in developing countries. Local churches, schools and clubs are involved in this effort. We also hold a yearly Christmas boutique and have a year-round Bridging the Gap Market. All sales profits go to clean water projects. This year's funds will be used in Uganda.
The founders of BridgingtheGap4Water have taken 5 major cross-country bicycling trips which included 3 times across the USA, the East Coast and West Coast. This is an ongoing adventure. Their purpose is to further raise awareness of the need for clean water, sanitation and training in hygiene in developing countries.
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