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Inspired by our Founder's experience in becoming ill from a waterborne parasite, and his love for craft beer we work with brewers around the world on a collaborative basis to bring new craft beers to life, engage drinkers and create impact on water projects.
We provide beer launch, campaign and account-managed, bespoke support to craft brewers as well as opportunities to get thier beer into the market and reach new drinkers.
Our work with craft brewers has been recognised with numerous awards for creativity, employee engagement, and transparency within the charity sector as well as gaining additional distribution and sales for our partners.

Mission Statement

We are on a mission to use the power of craft beer to empower the lives of 1,000,000 people by funding clean drinking water projects.
We work with craft brewers and drinkers to create unique beers which highlight the issue of, and fundraise for solutions to, the global water crisis.
Since 2016 we've helped fund 134 projects, impacting the lives of over 65,000 people in Malawi and in 2020 we're collaborating with 250 brewers world wide to bring this number to almost 200,000 over World Water Day weekend.
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Program Details

Our 1% for the Planet programme involves adding value to craft brewers and giving them full transparency in ownership of their clean water impact. As a partner we:
  • Work together to create a new beer which can be permanent or seasonal and made available across multiple channels to help drive additional sales revenue and reach new drinkers.
  • Create our "Big Well Dig" scalable, bespoke and impact-focused sales driving campaigns in partner owned venues and taprooms.
  • Create opportunities for UK On and Off-trade sales listings through our existing nation-wide grocery and bar chain supporters in the craft beer industry in the UK.
  • Invite supporting craft brewers to participate in our Global Gatherin campaigns - the largest craft beer campaign in the world which unites brewers and drinkers across the world in using craft beer in the fight against water poverty.
  • Provide full employee engagement and assets to ensure all levels of our partner's organisation are as passionate and articulate about our mission as we are. This ranges from educational videos to our unique "Certified Well Digger" Programme.
  • Provide full accountability and transparency in regular updates on the work we fund through fundraising activity.
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