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Mission Statement

The mission of the BCC is to mobilize the local community and partners to care for the environments we impact as climbers, and enrich the outdoor experience for all.


We envision a world where climbers are stewards of the crag, not merely users. Where land managers, climbers, and outdoor enthusiasts can come together to protect our shared resources and ensure healthy landscapes for generations to come.
Our Core Values:
• STEWARDSHIP is our primary focus. We believe that, as climbers, we must take full responsibility for minimizing our own impacts on climbing areas.
• We have and we promote a deep RESPECT FOR THE NATURAL WORLD including the plants and animals we share our climbing areas with. The sharing and protection of habitats is at the heart of stewardship.
• RELATIONSHIPS are the fabric of the BCC. We seek positive, win-win partnerships in everything we do and strive to make the BCC a welcoming and inclusive organization. Our network of relationships includes land managers, businesses, individuals, and other organizations.
• LAND MANAGERS are our most important partners. We recognize their primary mission is also stewardship, and access and effective stewardship require excellent working relationships with land managers. We never make demands of land managers or try to pressure them. Instead we ask, how can we help YOU?
• Through outreach, education, and events we seek to activate a COMMUNITY of climbers and environmental stewards who live by these core values.
In 2010 a small group of passionate climbers came together to discuss the changing landscape of Colorado’s Front Range. Boulder’s population was booming, and rock climbing was becoming mainstream. Crags that used to see a handful of climbers each week were now seeing hundreds; they were showing signs of strain, and land managers were noticing. Led by renowned first-ascensionist Roger Briggs, this early group of climbers strove to build a relationship between land managers and climbers that would protect the resource and ensure the Front Range remained a great place to climb.
Over the past nine years the Boulder Climbing Community has grown. With the help of hundreds of supporters, we have replaced hundreds of aging bolts, kept thousands of pounds of human waste out of local waterways, and restored access to some of the best routes in the region. Together, we have restored trails where you climb and hike, including in Chautauqua, the Flatirons, Boulder Canyon, Clear Creek Canyon, Eldorado Canyon, Indian Creek, Rocky Mountain National Park, and countless other destinations. But the work is far from over. The trails we build can support our growing community for years to come; however countless others still need attention. The bolts we replace can last for 75-100 years, yet hundreds of others have already reached their retirement age. We are making significant progress with substantial work ahead. Thank you for supporting the future of the BCC.

Program Details

Front Range Climbing Stewards:
The Boulder Climbing Community’s signature program is the Front Range Climbing Stewards (FRCS). FRCS is a first of its kind trail team dedicated to ensuring sustainable and secure trails. In 2013, a 100-year flood decimated the trail systems in and around Boulder. In order to rebuild the City and County needed help. In 2014 we answered that call. Today we work in partnership with land managers, providing the technical expertise needed to ensure that climbers and hikers can access routes with minimal damage to the surrounding environment. From 2014-2018 this program was administered by Access Fund and managed by BCC. In 2019 BCC took full ownership of the program.
Bolt Replacement:
Climbing has been a popular Colorado activity for over half a century. Many bolts on some of the most popular area routes have been in place for as long and are remnants of a time when materials used for bolts were far less durable. Replacing aging climbing hardware is crucial for climbers’ enjoyment and safety. These efforts are both time-consuming and costly.
To date, we have mobilized volunteers to replace over 750 bolts throughout Boulder, Eldorado, and Clear Creek Canyons. We use only modern half-inch, stainless steel bolts which will last for the next 75-100 years.
While bolt replacement happens throughout the year, the heart of this program is the annual rebolting event. These one-day rebolting efforts replaced over 210 bolts on Table Mountain in Golden, over 150 bolts on Castle Rock in Boulder Canyon, and over 120 bolts on Mickey Mouse Wall in Eldorado Canyon. This year’s event will take place at Shelf Road in Cañon City in partnership with the Pikes Peak Climbers Alliance.
Waste Management:
Let’s face it: poop is a problem. With over 1.5 million visitors to Boulder OSMP each year digging a cat-hole no longer cuts it. Human waste is having an impact on our watershed and on local wildlife. It’s time to pack it out. At the BCC we’re here to help. To combat the impact of poop at the crag we’ve set up 12 trailside wag bag dispensers and a port-a-potty at Upper Dream Canyon. In 2018 alone we kept over 1,500 gallons of human waste out of the watershed!
Eagle Monitoring:
At the BCC we respect wildlife and share the cliff. Each February some climbing areas are closed so Golden Eagles can nest and raise their young without being impacted by our presence. To support their breeding, we share closure information with climbers and monitor several nests. Six of the last seven years eagles have produced offspring, and in 2015 two little ones survived – a rarity for our community. Once the birds have fledged, closures can be lifted. Our monitoring ensures that the cliffs are reopened in a timely manner so climbers and birds can thrive.
Graffiti Removal
One crucial element of stewardship is maintaining the beauty of the natural environment for all current and future Coloradans to enjoy. Unfortunately, graffiti continues to threaten this beauty and leave signs of invasive human activity. We’ve organized several graffiti clean-up days, including at the popular Darkside Boulders climbing site.
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