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Blue Planet Foundation is committed to solving out climate change challenge by clearing the parth for 100% clean energy through bold advocacy, energy awareness, and community action.

Mission Statement

Clearing the path for 100% clean energy.

Program Details

Every dollar we receive is committed to solving our climate change challenge through bold advocacy, energy awareness, and community action.
A gift supports Blue Planet’s impactful programs that are powering our progress toward a fossil fuel-free future, including:
  • · Helping pass game-changing clean energy policies at the legislature and Public Utilities Commission. After leading the campaign to pass the nation’s first 100% renewable energy law, we’re advocating for policies that accelerate progress on renewable transportation, increase resiliency, and decrease energy costs so that no one gets left behind on the journey to 100%.
  • · Educating the next generation of clean energy leaders through our one-of-a-kind Student Energy Summit, which gathered nearly 200 students representing 50 schools last year. Through year-round classroom presentations and workshops, we give students and teachers the tools they need to drive the transformation from fossil fuels to renewable solutions.
  • · Leading the charge for 100% clean transportation. Throughout the year, we host electric vehicle ride-and-drives and lead the Sustainable Transportation Coalition of Hawai‘i, or STCH, aimed at changing the way Hawai‘i residents think about and create a clean transportation future.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
55 Merchant Street Suite 1700
Honolulu, HI 96813
United States
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