Bionutrient Food Association


Mission Statement

"To increase quality in the food supply"


The Bionutrient Food Association (BFA), founded in 2010:
  • Has fostered an international network of self-organized and decentralized local chapters;
  • Presents a comprehensive course “Principles of Biological Systems” for growers of all scales helping understand how nature evolved to work and how we can work with her;
  • Hosts an annual Soil & Nutrition Conference bringing together the diverse topics of agronomy, nutrition and health, consciousness, and ecological and cultural revitalization;
  • Is leading a global collaboration to correlate environmental conditions and management practices to soil health, plant health, and crop nutrient density;
  • Has built the world’s first consumer spectrometer, so that non-invasive testing of food quality can be done at the point of purchase. With a flash of light, the Bionutrient Meter will revolutionize consumer access to nutrition data.
The Bionutrient Food Association is the world’s leading organization working on the topic of nutrient density. Established in 2010, we coined the term “bionutrient” to refer to those nutrients in food that are present in high levels in crops grown well.
Your tastebuds know the difference between a tomato picked ripe off the vine and one off of a supermarket shelf in the Northeast in January. That difference in taste and smell is also one of nutritional variation and there is no way of knowing with a label like Organic or Non GMO what the nutritive level in a food is.
We believe that food labels are useful but they are not the full story. Taste, color and flavor tell a deeper story of a food’s value and our mission is to provide a crucial component to this, which is data.
We believe people want to eat nutritious food, and we believe in making that possible.
We believe that crops grown in harmony with nature are more flavorful and more nutritious.
We believe nutrient quality in our food correlates to health outcomes, to food as medicine, healing you and healing your family.
We believe that nutrient quality correlates to the health of the soil in which it is grown. And in the capacity of our soils to heal our ecosystems and sequester carbon.
By understanding and working in concert with the underlying biological systems, cultivating healthy soils in a relationship that is regenerative rather than extractive, we can begin eliminating the need for toxic pesticides and herbicides, and fertilizers that damage our soils and pollute our waterways. We can build vibrant soils that are resilient, that better hold nutrients and water, both in dry times and in extreme rainfall events.
It all begins in the soil.
Mineral rich and teeming with a microbial underworld, a living soil is necessary for a plant to thrive and reach its full potential. To grow healthy and replete with the necessary minerals and micronutrients, to have the immuno-strength and vitality to ward off disease and pest pressure. Rich in the bionutrients that help you thrive, that your body needs to prevent and reverse disease, and live your best life.
We believe we can begin to heal ourselves and heal the planet, simply by eating better food.
For ten years, we have been building a grassroots movement through word of mouth, first in the Northeast US with our outreach and educational efforts. Now, awareness about the deeply interconnectedness of soil, crop, human, and planetary health has blossomed and caught fire across the country and around the world, as people everywhere understand our food is not what it could be, our agricultural system has been co-opted by interests driven by profits rather than quality, and both our communities and our planet are suffering as a result.
We understand there are numerous approaches and perspectives on food, farming, and beyond, but we believe we can all gather around the call for greater nutritional quality in our food. Isn’t this something we should want for all our families? It is our goal to set forth this high ground, around which the larger food movement can coalesce.
If this makes sense to you, please join us in whatever manner you can and inspires you.

Program Details

The Bionutrient Food Association is initiating the Real Food Campaign to make the nutritional density of food easily detectable and incentivize the entire food supply chain to focus on nutritional value as a key metric.
We don’t know scientifically, but understand it connects flavor, aroma and nutritional value to plant and soil health.
We are building and populating an open-source database to look for the patterns that link minerals and nutrients in food to microbial health and carbon sequestration in the soil to the experience of eating.
Working with grower partners and citizen scientists we are developing the capacity to empower all growers globally to improve their practices in harmony with nature.
In collaboration with farm partners and citizen scientists around the world, the Real Food Campaign is analyzing samples from a wide range of farm practices and environments.
When samples are collected, key management, location and crop data is captured. The end result is a rich series of overlapping datasets that can help us understand the connections between management, environment, soil health and nutrient density.
Access to this raw data is online now, and within two years will be available in an easy to understand, open-source library that can be used by growers everywhere to improve the quality of their crops, the health of their soil, and the health of their communities.
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