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The purpose of Bike Santa Cruz County Education Fund is to promote the widespread use of bicycles in our community, with the goal of creating safe, convenient, and enjoyable bicycling for the general public, to reduce our impacts on climate change and create a healthy community.
To accomplish our above goals we have four main programs, as follows:
Our “Earn-a-Bike” program provides 85 middle- and high-school students in need per year with bike safety training, bike maintenance training, and, upon completion of the curriculum, their own free bicycle and accessories. Local youth (currently in the communities of Live Oak and Watsonville, CA) receive the following benefits: bike safety training, bike maintenance skills, leadership training, nutrition education, and a working bicycle and accessories. The planned measurable outcomes of this program are to increase the youth's knowledge of bicycle safety and nutrition and to increase their use of bicycles as transportation.
Our Bike Club provides 60 youth (at two middle schools in Santa Cruz, CA) with after-school bike safety training. Bike Club youth receive the following benefits: Weekly activity and exercise, bike safety training, and on-the-bike practice in a group setting. The planned measurable outcome of this program is to increase youth's knowledge of bicycling safely and their confident use of bicycles in daily transportation.
In order to encourage people to bicycle to local public events (vs. driving), we provide free bike valet service to attendees. (Events include concerts, street fairs, open art studios, etc.) Our goal is to reduce traffic congestion and encourage sustainable transportation. The planned measurable outcome of this program is to increase the number of people who bike to local events and encourage biking in daily transportation. We currently provide this service at approximately 24 events per year – which translates into approximately 1,400 individuals served.
Finally, we organize two annual Open Streets events in Santa Cruz County (in Santa Cruz and in Watsonville) to promote active and healthy transportation to 12,000 attendees by closing a portion of the road to cars for biking, walking, skating, and playing in the street without cars. These events promote and provide access to 60 local organizations (that set up booths), provide interactive family activities, and encourage active transportation. The planned outcomes include encouraging biking in transportation and increasing the community’s knowledge of local nonprofit resources.
All of our activities are carried out by staff members and by many volunteers from the community.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
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