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Overarching goal: Increase the number and diversity of people biking.
Top Priorities:
  1. Support the development of an extensive and seamless network of bike facilities that collectively makes bicycling an attractive option for people of all abilities and experience.
  2. Cultivate street design that integrates bicycle access as a part of making streets safer for all and creating lively and liveable public spaces.
  3. Build partnerships and collaborate around community issues. Cultivate a community-driven transportation planning process.


Overarching goal: Overcome barriers to bicycling via programs educating all road users.
Top Priorities:
  1. Continue to provide abundant free bicycle education programs for all ages.
  2. Improve and develop programs, curricula and instructors to respond to and serve the needs of all communities we represent. Develop ongoing feedback loops with our communities that inform our programming.
  3. Build partnerships to increase the reach of our education programs with law enforcement, schools, riding clubs, employers.

Community Engagement

Overarching goal: Build strong and collaborative relationships with representation from all East Bay communities.
Top priorities:
  1. Staff, board, members and volunteers work together to ensure Bike East Bay has the political clout and financial resources to be effective advocates.
  2. Provide training and support for members to take leadership and ownership in advocacy, community organizing, and fundraising.
  3. Build community and power by centering the voices and experiences of people of color, people with fewer resources, women and other groups that have been historically excluded by bicycle advocacy and transportation planning.
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Climate Change
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