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Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) has been around since 1998 working at the intersection of climate change and water restoration. Based in Portland, Oregon our scope has grown to include the entire United States as we have expanded our partner network and impact regions.
BEF is proud to have multiple program areas that innovate in the areas of water, education, renewable energy and climate change. See below for more information about our programs.

Mission Statement

To empower communities, corporations, and utilities to play the leading role in creating a future with a stable climate; healthy watersheds that provide abundant, clean water; and growing reliance on renewable energy sources.

Program Details

BEF has numerous program areas :
  • Carbon Offsets, Renewable Energy Certificates, & Water Restoration Certificates
  • Business for Water Stewardship
  • CE Bright Futures - Career Connected Clean Energy Education
  • Promise the Pod - Bringing together multiple habitat restoration programs with one goal: Save the orcas we all love.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
1500 SW 1st Ave., Suite 885
Portland, OR 97201
United States
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