Be The Change Earth Alliance


Mission Statement

We create innovative space for holistic sustainability learning in the education system through:
a. Developing and delivering school programs & resources for educators, learners, and partners.
b. Fostering a community of leaders through capacity building and tools to support change.


Be The Change Earth Alliance (BTCEA) is a Canadian charitable organization that empowers behavioural and systemic change toward global sustainability through education. Founded in 2005, we support environmental, social and personal behavior changes in schools and communities through innovative sustainability education and citizen engagement programs. We empower people of all ages to support and inspire one another in adopting sustainable lifestyles and creating healthy, thriving communities.

Program Details

BTCEA aims to empower teachers to include environmental and social justice content in their classrooms. One of the main programs BTCEA offers to support this is Student Leadership for Change (SLC). The SLC eco-social education resources have been designed with teachers, for teachers, and used by over 400 teachers and 20,000 students over the past few years. SLC is comprised of five independent, interchangeable modules that focus on developing core values for an environmentally sustainable and socially just worldview. Each module includes a lesson plan, videos, and classroom activities, as well as eight student inquiry & project-based 'Action Packs' that explore sustainability topics, providing current research links, experiential community activities and hands-on actions to develop students’ core competencies in critical and creative thinking, communication, and personal and social responsibility.
Primary Issue
Climate Change
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