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Mission Statement

Be Planet's mission is to support local, innovative and positive actions in favour of the environment and solidarity between current and future generations carried out by associations and collectives of citizens in Belgium.
To carry out this mission, the Foundation identifies and selects projects that are included in a "project portfolio". Be Planet then undertakes to seek financial support or to meet their material and/or immaterial needs.


Be Planet is a non-profit Foundation which was created in 2015 at the initiative of several federations of environmental associations and personalities from different backgrounds.
The Be Planet Foundation fills a gap in the Sustainable Development sector by responding to the need to support and accompany local citizen initiatives on a variety of themes such as mobility, energy, food, consumption and biodiversity.
In addition to raising funds from various citizen donors, one of Be Planet's original features is to consider companies as part of the solution by associating them with the citizen dynamic. We believe that the establishment of "win-win" partnerships between citizen project leaders and companies engaged in sustainable development offers a tremendous opportunity to share experiences, knowledge and interactions between two worlds.

Program Details

Primary Issue
Climate Change
Secondary Issue

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