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Mission Statement

BC Tomorrow is a Canadian non-profit registered charity who's mission is to help students and teachers explore sustainability when considering land use decisions in British Columbia. To accomplish this goal, we are developing a watershed based, youth focused, innovative three-part learning project consisting of: Instructional videos, Future Scenario Simulator and Field studies observations to complement learning.


Land use has direct, long-lasting implications for the BC economy, environment and society. Climate change is calling for students and communities to become more engaged in watershed management and decisions that consider cumulative effects. Today’s youth require strong skill sets, education and tools to create informed choices and find solutions. BC Tomorrow’s innovative educational program leverages technology and collaboration to evaluate new scenarios and make systemic change. Users of our tools measure real landscape shifts, evaluating them across the triple bottom line to help shift away from singular sector land use approaches and move toward more holistic decisions that consider cumulative effects.

Program Details

BC Tomorrow’s project is helping students and teachers use systems dynamics understanding to find solutions for a sustainable future. Our watershed based, innovative three-part educational program gives users a chance to interactively explore land-use sustainability issues in local watersheds. The main driver of our educational program is the cutting edge, map-based, future scenario simulator. The simulator helps students explore how land use choices today could positively or negatively impact the future. Watersheds are dynamic, interconnected, complex systems; their function can be positively and negatively impacted by land-use. By studying them using BC Tomorrow’s learning tools, students can better understand the complex interactions at work within natural systems.
Applicable at multiple grades and with an ability to be applied from a range of perspectives, BC Tomorrow’s learning tools are powerful. Students interact with real data to address real issues. Their results and solutions can be shared with peers, teachers, family members or the community at large. Armed with increased understanding, students can then make choices and take-action. Ideas and solutions can be presented to municipalities, regional districts, water boards, or band councils via youth councils or initiatives resulting in improved public decision making on the future of their region. Youth are our future leaders and a holistic understanding of the interconnectedness of systems like climate, environment and economy will help find solutions for sustainability. Engaging youth in scientific, social, and economic land use simulations, combined with localized education and experiential learning, is a critical intervention providing youth with the foundation and catalyst to take-action in public decision-making that builds a foundation of knowledge and is transformative helping to create sustainable watershed systems for future generations.
Our innovative, land-use simulator, lesson templates, and complete educational program will be made available, free of charge, to students, teachers, educational organizations, and the general public throughout the province of BC.

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