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The Bay Area Ridge Trail is a continuous 550-mile multi-use loop that circles the highest and often most scenic points around the ridgelines of San Francisco Bay.
Within the greater San Francisco Bay metropolitan area, we envision a continuous, natural ridgeline trail for hikers, mountain bicyclists and equestrians, and for people of all backgrounds, ages and abilities. Wherever possible, the Trail runs along the principal ridgeline closest to (and offers views of) San Francisco and San Pablo Bays.
The Ridge Trail can be enjoyed today and it is protected for future generations. The Ridge Trail builds upon historic public access within established parks and open spaces, but is expanded and connected as part of a regional trail network. Bay Area residents (and visitors) can reach the world-class Ridge Trail within a short trip from home, work or school. The Ridge Trail links communities to each other and people to nearby opportunities for exercise, recreation, and solitude in nature. The Ridge Trail serves as a catalyst for preserving open space and creates a connected natural corridor for wildlife and helps nurture stewards who want to preserve and protect our environmental heritage.
The Trail safely accommodates all users along a single alignment, where possible, and incorporates separate parallel alignments offering a comparable experience, where necessary, and which converge with the main alignment, so that all users have a designated continuous route. People can enjoy a short close-to-home respite, or extended multi-day excursions.
Connector trails link communities to Ridge Trail access points (trail heads) and to camping, huts, or other overnight facilities, other community and regional trails, natural, scenic, cultural and historic features and open spaces.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Bay Area Ridge Trail is to plan, promote and sustain a connected hiking, cycling and equestrian trail on the ridgelines around San Francisco Bay – linking people, parks and open spaces for today and future generations.

Program Details

How we work.

As part of the completion of the 550 mile trail, the Ridge Trail Council’s work includes coordinating trail planning, encouraging public agencies and governments to dedicate sections of the trail, developing strategies for closing “gaps” in the trail, and stewardship and promotion of dedicated Ridge Trail.
With help from our supporters, we’re closing gaps, forging partnerships, securing funding and getting people on the trail.
Trail Advocacy–We advocate for closing “gaps” in the trail, sustainable trail design, and accessibility by foot, bike, or horse.
Fundraising–We help secure funding for planning, acquisition, design, building, and maintenance of the Ridge Trail.
Stewardship–Staff and volunteers work side-by-side with our many partners to build new trail and maintain existing Ridge Trail.
On the Trail–We’re here to help you explore the Ridge Trail. In addition to maps, guided outings, work parties, and more, the Ridge Trail Council offers a variety of great trail events each year, including our signature event, Ridge to Bridge.
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