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Mission Statement

Audubon Vermont works to protect birds and the places birds need to thrive by building, strengthening, empowering, and activating a diverse network of chapters, members and volunteers to take action to reduce carbon pollution, restore and protect forest and watershed health, and promote bird friendly communities. Through this work, Audubon Vermont also works for the benefit of our communities through connecting people to nature, and by building resilience to extreme weather events, promoting public health, and sustaining prosperity.


Audubon Vermont is a state program of the National Audubon Society. We are a nonprofit conservation organization whose mission is to protect birds and the places they need, today and tomorrow. Our 255-acre Green Mountain Audubon Center located in Huntington, Vermont has been a community hub of outdoor education and conservation for 50 years, making us the oldest operating nature center in the state.
Audubon Vermont and our supporters are building a better future for our state through conservation, advocacy, community involvement, and by tapping into an active network that includes over 7,000 members, six Vermont chapters, and many respected partners in communities throughout Vermont and along the Atlantic Flyway.

Program Details

Audubon Vermont protects birds, wildlife and their habitat through engaging people of all ages in education, conservation, stewardship and action. In a state that supports many environmental organizations, Audubon Vermont is unique in its multidisciplinary approach with site-based environmental education, applied conservation science to achieve on-the-ground results, and public policy advocacy supported by a strong grassroots chapter network.

Environmental education

Audubon Vermont is building the next generation of conservation leaders through lifelong learning programs. We promote environmental awareness to a broad and diverse community of people of all ages and backgrounds and provide them with tools to protect the environment.
Our education team leads children, youth and adults in a host of environmental education programs at the Green Mountain Audubon Center and at other locations in Vermont each year. More than 50 Vermont schools and childcare centers, preschool through high school, rely on Audubon Vermont for field experiences for their students that complement the learning that happens in the classroom. Together with high schools and colleges, we are establishing targeted youth and young professional conservation leadership programs with the goal of growing, diversifying and engaging a broader segment of our young people in the conservation movement.
Audubon chapters throughout the state conduct educational programs and events for their local communities. We help integrate bird friendly strategies into the fabric of Vermont communities through our bird-friendly communities programs. Across Vermont, our outstanding staff and dedicated volunteers offer programs year-round to guide Vermonters of all ages along the continuum from appreciation to understanding to stewardship of nature.

Conservation and SCIENCE

Science forms the foundation of all we do at Audubon Vermont. Whether we are educating the next generation of conservationists at the Green Mountain Audubon Center, managing the imperiled species, or providing testimony to the state legislature, we strive to use the best available science to protect our great natural heritage.
Audubon Vermont uses our scientific knowledge to develop and implement on-the-ground solutions. We work to constantly increase our scientific understanding of the challenges and solutions facing birds and our communities through research and monitoring. Our conservation team uses this knowledge to adapt, improve, measure and evaluate a suite of bird-friendly practices and policies. We apply our learning through providing technical assistance and training for landowners and land management professionals and managers. Our scientists also work to inform the investment and management decisions of land conservation organizations including land trusts, and state and federal government agencies to maximize biodiversity through the application of bird friendly practices.

advocacy for birds and people

Action is the natural outgrowth of our passion to conserve and protect our environment. Partnership is the best word to describe Audubon Vermont's approach to influencing public policy. Our success is based on our ability to leverage grassroots support through our chapters and members and build coalitions and alliances with organizations in the conservation community, hunters and anglers, working lands and outdoor recreation businesses and organizations, and local, state and federal agencies. We also work closely with the national public policy office of Audubon to assure coordination of activities on key national issues. Audubon's grassroots network of activists and science-based, solution-oriented approach to resolving public policy issues have earned the organization a reputation as a thoughtful, reputable advocate for wildlife and habitat.
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