Mission Statement

We want to give more and more underprivileged people a chance to live in dignity. That’s why we contribute to the sustainable improvement of the economic, social and ecological living conditions as well as to the protection of human rights of poor and underprivileged sections of the society in the Indian subcontinent – irrespective of gender, religion, ethnical group or caste. At the same time we do offer people in Germany/Europe a chance for a philanthropic involvement. That way we do contribute to more and more people becoming aware of the mutual responsibility in a globalised world and encouraging them to accept the dignity of each and every human being.


In 1967 ANDHERI HILFE e.V. was founded in Bonn, Germany. In the beginning the main objective was to ensure the daily portion of rice for all the 400 orphans who lived in St. Catherine's Home in Andheri/India. In the following years ANDHERI HILFE developed continuously with Rosi Gollmann as first chairwoman. Soon the aim was no longer to fight symptoms as hunger or sickness, but to find out and approach the reasons: ANDHERI HILFE developed from the pure charitable help towards development cooperation based on partnership.
Currently we support about 80 projects in India and Bangladesh and reach  about 1 million people. Our projects target the problems which are most urgent and  implement solutions which have a sustainable impact. We always address the poorest and most disadvantaged people. All our projects aim to open new opportunities for the people so that they can develop their own skills  and use them. Five major targets shape our work: to strengthen rights, to promote education, to faciliate health, to secure independence and to protect the environment and the climate.

Program Details

We have a broad range of projects which focus on organic farming, afforestation, solar and biogas energy, climate protection and adaptation to climate change.
One example: Solar energy and biogas in Bangladesh Especially Bangladesh is extremely touched by climate change. Hence we work here in 80 villages in the northwest of the country to give people a chance to survive in their homeland. They are living on the riverbanks of the Jamuna and have to suffer from recurrent floods but also drought seasons. Farming land is diminishing due to erosion and saltwater intrusion. We support 5000 families to gain new sources of income with organic farming and give them access to new sources of renewable energy. Solar home systems are installed and the families can now abstain from using expensive and harmful petroleum. Other families get a small biogas plant in which they can use their cows’ dung to produce gas for cooking. They now do not need to burn wood which is beneficial for their health and also the environment.
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