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Mission Statement

All One Ocean’s mission is to educate our communities about the destructive impact of litter on our Ocean and waterways and provide simple, sustainable and effective ways to reduce litter.


Healthy water for all is our end goal. We rely on it for drinking water, food, agriculture and recreational activities, to name a few. Animals rely on it for survival. Our water - whether it is through waterways or in our ocean - is facing challenges from pollution. This pollution is capable of harming all of us, while also contributing to climate change. We believe that through education and simple daily acts of environmental consciousness, we can get closer to our goal. By educating our youth, we will create a new generation of environmental leaders who will grow up knowing that there is nothing normal about a plastic-choked Ocean and lead us in changing behaviors, making it possible for everyone to have healthy water.

Program Details

Ocean Warriors:
We truly believe that sustainability is the path to a better tomorrow, and education is our compass. Ocean Warriors (OW) has proven to be effective in bringing environmental awareness into the everyday and providing skills that nurture young students into environmentally conscious adults. When we look at the world today, we realize complacency cannot stand. Now is the time for us to step up and be the change. By giving our youth the tools to stop the cycle of destructive behaviors and teaching them that they have the power to be advocates for our environment, we will reverse the cycle of pollution, water contamination, and climate change. Ocean Warriors teaches our youth that simple daily actions, organized local activities, and growing up with environmentally conscious habits will change industries that rely on our purchasing power. 
Beach Clean Ups:
We provide educational beach and waterway clean ups with a focus on habitat restoration and education. We believe education is the key to healthy water for all. Whether you are a service organization, volunteer group, small or large business we can make a clean up for you and others meaningful and provide you with simple everyday steps which will ultimately change the future of our environment. In this unprecedented time, we are sheltering in place and abiding by our state and local government laws by temporarily  suspending all  outdoor program work which requires leaving our homes. We ask that everyone abide by their state and local laws and do the same. We are excited to see you again soon and when this is over, we will truly be stronger together.
Beach Clean Up Stations:
All One Ocean’s Beach Cleanup Stations are permanent, community generated and managed clean up stations. For a long time, non-profits have organized periodic beach clean ups as a way to involve the public in helping the ocean. The Beach Cleanup Station is a practical way to ensure that clean up is happening everyday on all our beaches. Like ‘adopt a highway’ campaigns, Beach Cleanup Stations create community based on upkeep and promotion of these clean up hubs. Eventually, people will come to the beach and automatically think about cleaning up some trash as they enjoy their beach activities. We work to make sure they come to understand that removing ocean trash directly protects ourselves, along with the fish, turtles, whales, dolphins and seabirds that are sustained by All One Ocean. By encouraging people to reconsider their consumption of single use plastics, we also address the effects of climate change.  Manufacturing and transporting such products as plastic water bottles, bags and food containers contributes to global warming, which is damaging our coral reefs and our collective Ocean’s entire ecosystem.
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