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Mission Statement

Educate citizens of all ages in sustainable landuse planning through a landuse simulation model. Our Vision is citizens who support sustainable landuse planning.


The Alberta Tomorrow Foundation is a registered charity with the mission of educating Albertans in sustainable land-use planning through a land-use simulation model.  We create free, on-line software technology and learning materials for the Alberta Education Program of Studies to help students and all Albertans visualize our impacts on the environment and economy past, present and future! Take the challenge... create a sustainable future for Alberta using Alberta Tomorrow!

What People Are Saying

"Alberta Tomorrow gives my students real life exposure to real life decisions...all at their fingertips. Thank you for enriching my students learning environment." — Stephanie Bennett, Biology Teacher
"Alberta Tomorrow is an exciting new educational tool, allowing learners to explore the many challenges of land use in Alberta. " — Pat Worthington, Director of Human Resources RockyView School Division
"Alberta Tomorrow is a dynamic online tool that helps Albertans of all ages understand the importance of this issue and how they might become involved in the dialogue of building a future Alberta we will be proud of." — Dr. Brad Stelfox, Landscape Ecologist Alces Group
"Created and tested here in our province, Alberta tomorrow provides a wonderful tool for educators as they seek to engage their learners, facilitating their critical assessment of the future they wish to see." — Pat Worthington, Director of Human Resources RockyView School Division
"One of the most critical issues confronting contemporary society is the need to effectively plan our future landscapes. " — Dr. Brad Stelfox, Landscape Ecologist Alces Group
"Alberta Tomorrow's GIS simulation platform is an incredibly interactive tool that allows for students to proceed through inquiry learning as they attempt to solve their own sustainable planning goals. " — David Gowans, Secondary Science Consultant Calgary Separate School Div

Program Details

Educating our youth, the next generation of decision makers on how landuse decisions affect climate change and a sustainable future.
Why we exist, Who we are, What we do, and Who it’s for!
Alberta is facing some tough decisions. How do we balance our economic growth with environmental protection? How do we ensure a sustainable future and tackle challenges like climate change?
Alberta Tomorrow ( is a free, online educational learning tool that tackles this challenge by using real data from Alberta and GIS technology to create sustainable land-use plans that balance economic growth with environmental protection.
This effective educational tool explores the complex issues land-use planners encounter everyday. The simulator, based on a professional version that is used by both government and industry, has users view a series of short videos on land-uses such as oil and gas development, agriculture and forestry, and environmental indicators such as water quality, mammal habitat, greenhouse gases, and natural landscapes.
Using real data from Alberta, users can time travel back to 1884 to see what the landscape looked like and how the corresponding levels of environmental and socio-economic indicators changed over time. This allows the user to make connections between a change on the landscape and the economic and environmental wellbeing for Albertans. Future projections to 2049 allow users to see what might happen if our current land-use trends continue for another 30 years.
Users are then challenged to set goals for the future and create a land-use plan that achieves their goals. This highly interactive tool has users soon realizing that finding a balance between our environmental quality and increasing economic growth is challenging. Users are forced to use a systems approach to thinking about the future and critically think what can be done to strike that balance.
Lesson plans are linked to the Alberta Program of Studies in Grades 4 - 11 Science, Social Studies and CTS, whenever discussing Alberta’s eco-regions and historical changes, intended and unintended consequences of our actions, government decision making, nutrient cycling, wildlife, agriculture and more. Alberta Tomorrow is perfect for cross curricular projects.
The citizen science component of the simulator includes an App to be used in conjunction with a teacher led field trip where students collect water quality and invertebrate data. The mobile capability of this tool allows water data and land-use observations to be entered and saved on the satellite imagery while in the field.
Alberta Tomorrow is perfect for cross curricular projects.
The Alberta Tomorrow simulator is a powerful tool to demonstration that changes in our land-use policy and personal lifestyles are essential if we are going to ensure a sustainable future for our children and grandchildren.
It’s not always easy for us to SEE the effects of today’s actions in the future but Alberta Tomorrow makes it possible!
Please contact Jennifer Janzen ( for more information.
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