Action for Dolphins


Mission Statement

The aim of AFD is to stop cruelty to, and gain legal protection for, small cetaceans (dolphins and other small whales).


AFD's primary goal is to bring an end to unregulated and inhumane hunts that kill thousands of small cetaceans annually. Initially, AFD will focus on the devastating hunts taking place in Taiji, Japan.
AFD also works to end activities that harm Australia's marine life and to end the practice of dolphin and whale captivity. Scientific studies suggest that dolphins and whales suffer in confinement. Therefore, AFD campaigns to have the practice of cetacean captivity abolished.
While AFD began in Australia, dolphins and whales need our help in many countries and, as such, our efforts to protect them are truly global.

Program Details

Taiji legal action
AFD is currently legally challenging the permit that allows the Taiji dolphin hunts to go ahead in a Japanese District Court.
Feasibility study
AFD is currently conducting a feasibility study into building Australia's first sea-pen sanctuary to retire 4 captive dolphins residing in a marine park in New South Wales.
Removing shark nets
AFD is currently advocating for the removal of destructive shark nets along Queensland's coastline.
Beach clean ups
Every year, AFD conduct multiple beach clean up initiatives in Australia and the UK to slow down pollution into our waterways.
Primary Issue
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