A Ti'a Matairea Island Protectors


Mission Statement

A Ti'a Matairea Island Protectors are creating waves of positive change in French Polynesia for environmental, animal welfare, and youth causes. With a spirit of positivity and inclusion, we use community events, educational media, creative arts, and collaboration with local government bodies, to cultivate and enact solutions to pressing local issues.


ATM Island Protectors was born from a group of young surfers in French Polynesia with a desire to protect our island and our animals, and empower our youth to do the same. Since our official etablishment as a non-profit organization in May 2019, we have been working hard on the most glaring environmental, animal welfare, and youth issues on our island. Here is a brief overview of our principles:
  1. We love nature. We love our island and all it provides for us.  We respect and encourage traditional Tahitian forms of protecting our environment and as well as invite and promote green innovation and ideas!
  2. We love animals! We believe that all animals deserve love and respect, and are working to protect the rights of both wild and domestic animals here on our island.
  3. We love our children! We know they are the future caretakers of our island and want to empower them towards a happy, healthy, sustainable, and compassionate future!

Program Details

Current Environmental Projects:
  • Lagoon Protection via Coral-free Anchorage Zoning, Marine Protected Areas: Using peaceful demonstration and media attention in Oct 2019, we were able to convince the local government to accept our proposal for new laws to create anchorage zones for boaters in order to protect areas of live coral from further damage from wreckless anchoring, along with instating our islands’ first two marine protected/ecotourism areas. We are currently supporting and contributing to the actualization enactment of these new laws.
  • Plastic Reduction and Education: Beach Clean-ups, Classroom talks, Educational media production, Raising funds for bio-material press to eliminate plastic to-go containers
  • Agricultural Education: Distribution of information about permaculture and methods to reduce chemical pesticides and fertilizers especially near Lake Fauna Nui
  • Protecting public lands: Present and vocal at all public meetings concerning the development of open spaces. Contributed to blocking the development of an out-of-scale resort proposed in village of Maeva. Maintain overgrowth of several hiking trails and open spaces for locals and public to enjoy.
Current Animal Welfare Projects:
  • Overseas Adoption Program: We recover stray and abandoned animals, rehabilitate them, and facilitate adoptions for tourists that want to adopt a local cat or dog, as well as find homes the US for stray animals. We are always looking for tourist escorts to help adoptees arrive with the least stress to their new homes overseas. 10 successful adoptions between July 2019 and January 2020.
  • Sterilization Program: We have an overpopulation of cats and dogs, and are in the midst of planning a mass sterilization program for 2020 on our island with the help of Brigitte Bardot Foundation, and working with the local municipality to make pet sterilization financially accessible to everyone.
  • Animal Rehabilitation and Defense: We facilitate wild animal rehabilitation, and report abuse to domestic animals, turtle poaching, and any harassment to wild animals, including whales.
Current Youth Projects:
  • Film nights: educational film events in schools
  • Beach Clean-ups: Showing children first hand the effects of plastic pollution on our island
  • School talks on climate change, plastic pollution, drug prevention, and nutrition
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