Gabe Bornstein



Having grown up (and still residing) on the coast of Southern Maine, the ocean, estuaries and inland habitats have always had a strong grip on me. I think that is pretty clearly reflected in my work, and where my mind takes me on a daily basis. As a life-long surfer with a background in documentary filmmaking, I have an inescapable urge to capture my surroundings and specifically the tiny stretch of the Atlantic Ocean that I call home. Every year the beach by our home shifts and changes in sometimes shocking ways. Whether it's the perfect Maine summer weather or the most brutal winter Nor'easter in February, I find great enjoyment in creating an archive of this environment. Up to this point, my photography work has been strictly passion and never for profit, but lately I am starting to explore professionally printing, framing and selling my work. I look at all the great scientists, educators, explorers and creatives who have found ways to turn their work into real action and spread awareness of climate change — I see joining 1% as just the very beginning of my journey in giving back to this world that I have taken so much from.
3 Seabreeze Avenue
Old Orchard Beach, ME 04064
United States
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