Chelsea Carlson



The primary goal of SeaTactics is to provide useful, clear weather knowledge to sailors and mariners allowing them to make better decisions for safety and strategy. There is so much data out there, it can be difficult to distinguish what’s most important amongst the noise. I believe with the right training, you can use the weather to your advantage, whatever your goals are... win a race, regatta, or gold medal; cruise with your family to the Caribbean; or deliver a boat safely and quickly to the next destination.
From the moment SeaTactics was just a seed of an idea, I knew that I was either going to start an environmentally conscious business or I wasn’t going to be in business at all. That’s why SeaTactics is carbon-neutral for travel, and participates in the 1% For the Planet movement. We will focus donations on efforts centered around water - our home and playground. Clean sustainable water practices are an ongoing effort here in Florida where healthy water management has been an issue for many years.
1722 Sheridan Street, #228
Hollywood, FL 33020
United States
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