Carly Mixon



I grew up in the mountains of Northeast Georgia, surrounded by an abundance of hiking trails, lakes, and other outdoor activities. I wouldn't have wanted to grow up anywhere else. Being immersed in the beauty of my hometown, especially during the mandated quarantine has made me appreciate the stillness and beauty that I am surrounded by.
As of May 2020, I am a graduate of the University of Georgia where I studied Fashion Merchandising. While learning about the fashion industry, I also learned the severe environmental impacts the fashion industry has on the planet and people. Patagonia was always discussed in our courses about being the top company for sustainability and environmental activism. I am also a personal fan and consumer of Patagonia. The reason I am interested in 1% for the Planet is because as someone who wants to work in fashion, I feel it is my duty to make the industry a better place and change previous practices that have harmed our people and planet. I have strayed away from companies who don't use recycled materials and who promote fast fashion like it's the end all be all. I want to make a difference in my industry that will help heal our planet without continuing to destroy it.
128 Village Drive
Clarkesville, Georgia 30523
United States
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