The YogurtNest is an eco-friendly yogurt maker made from natural, renewable materials.
With a YogurtNest you can make your own yogurt for the rest of your life, as it was made to last. It's also a slow cooker, a bread-leavening nest and a cooler/thermal container.
It's and it's chief material - cork - is sustainably harvested from our cork oak savanna (you can obtain the cork without damaging the tree).
The YogurtNest is made in Portugal, from natural materials. Its magic ingredient, metaphorically speaking, is cork, which is the bark of the cork oak, and that may be sustainably harvested every 9 years or so, without harming the tree or its lifespan.
The cork oak is one of the main species of a very special ecosystem that can be found in Southern Portugal and Spain, called Montado (PT) or Dehesa (SP), which is a form of savanna, and where species like the Iberian Lynx, the most endangered big cat, can still be found. The cork production is the main reason this ecosystem still exists today.
Finally, it's also important for us that most of the purchasing (components) and contracting (manufacturing) takes place within a 50 Km radius around our HQ, so that money keeps circulating where it's needed.
The YogurtNest was the first Portuguese 1% for the planet member, for which we're very proud.
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