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At Wndrmade®, we set out to create a 100% natural fragrance and candle brand and made the commitment that all of our decisions would be centered around four questions: Is it natural? Is it renewable? Is it recyclable? Is it reusable?
Our mission has always been, and will continue to be, focused on developing all-natural fragrance products with the highest quality perfumery components, while also ensuring that every part of our candles – from the vessels and wax, to the packaging, and even the labels are eco-friendly. We made a choice to never, ever use synthetic fragrance or fossil fuel based waxes.
We live in a world where every decision makes some difference. For us, that means ensuring fragrances are made with 100% essential oils, and confirming that they are harvested and/or produced naturally and sustainably. It means using a vegan wax, made from sustainable coconut and soy crops. It means using compostable labels with biodegradable adhesive, and reusable vessels that can be repurposed and last years. It means instead of having a fancy box and excessive packaging, we use washi tape, recycled/recyclable paper, and zero plastic.
We believe in giving back what we take from the Earth. That is why Wndrmade® is joining the 1% for the Planet initiative and pledging one percent of annual sales to environmental causes.
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