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We are a small independent apparel & accessories brand, based in Texas. We have ambitious plans to produce a line of eco-friendly performance apparel & accessories made from recycled plastic bottles. We create from waste! The products will be functional, comfortable, designed and made in America. Our first product line will be a super SOFT, comfy ankle sock. Future products will include additional sock styles, T-shirts, ties, scarves and more.
A Plague of Plastic
Our products are made from recycled plastic waste that would have otherwise been headed for landfills and our oceans. We believe recycling waste into products that are useful, valuable and reusable can play a significant part in the clean-up and overall reduction of waste pollution going forward. Recycling may not save the planet, but it is one of many solutions that can help. Additionally, it helps reduce consumption of new raw materials, it also helps reduce energy usage, as well as reducing air and water pollution from landfills and marine waste.
Humble Beginnings
For many years we have been aware of the plague of plastic around us. We have lived in several countries around the world and witnessed firsthand the impact single use plastic bottles has on our environment. With the 50th anniversary of Earth Day in 2020 we decided to try to make a small but meaningful impact towards a solution. Our solution was to literally create from waste. We decided to turn discarded plastic bottles into performance apparel targeting a broad range of activities; walking, training, running, lifestyle and beyond.
Designed and Manufactured in the USA
We chose early on to have all our products designed and manufactured here in the USA. For our first product line we have engaged a premier sock manufacturer right here in U.S.A. The recycled plastic fiber is sourced in the USA as well. Our suppliers take all necessary measures to avoid both environmental degradation and ensure a safe working environment for all their workers.
Born in Texas. Made in USA. Worn everywhere.
1302 Waugh Drive #449
Houston, TX 77019
United States
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