We have a very clear mission, to take our Mediterranean lifestyle to every corner of this world through fashion in a fair and honest way with both with the production chain and the customer.
We put a lot of care in every detail of our pieces so that what you receive is unique, the best fabrics worked by the best embroiderers and stampers who are in charge of the entire production process, people who have worked for decades for the Best brands in the market and with a great experience and know-how in their hands.
We manufacture practically all of our products in Europe, specifically between Portugal and Spain, where we ensure that the working conditions of the people who produce them are fair and appropriate.
Do not take us for anti globalization agents, this does not mean that Made in Europe is simply better than Made in China, but with the means we currently have at Trendsplant to verify that everything is in order, we are more confident manufacturing all the possible products close to home where we follow the process thoroughly.
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