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We are a retail jewelry company based on gems that are ethically sourced, supporting communities and with minimal impact on the environment during the mining process.
The ethics of a gem is subtle, as complicated as the politics of its country of origin. In the same breath, it is as recognizable as an individual's character. Jewelry and gems have an epic and passionate place in world history, at times rife with corruption. This darker side of gems and pearls can be elusive. Miners may be mistreated, or land and natural waters polluted. The corruption can be overbearing. In this layered and complex world of gems, Thesis seeks direct sources that have a commitment to people and the land- and value this as much or more than the gem itself.
Every aspect of our supply chain is equally important- and must be in order to promote sustainability. We have developed relationships that support this vision, from the moment the gem is liberated from the earth in Africa, Australia, Sri Lanka, and Canada, to when they are crafted by master goldsmiths in the San Francisco Bay Area into a finished heirloom. Each piece of jewelry has, as such, so much more meaning; with both tangible and enduring value.
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