The Path to Luma LLC



The Path to Luma is a mobile adventure puzzle game with no ads or in-app purchases and the first mobile game member of 1% for the Planet
Now at nearly 4M downloads around the globe, The Path to Luma invites players to immerse themselves in 23 worlds filled with mythical creatures, mind-bending puzzles and a backdrop of music from award-winning composer, Austin Wintory. By applying whimsical interpretations of clean energy solutions, worlds transform from dingy, polluted places to lush and verdant landscapes and advance players to more complex worlds and puzzles. In addition to appealing to creative instincts, a player leaves the game inspired and empowered and ultimately with the realization that she has the ability to be a real-world driver of change.
The game was developed by Daniel Keyes, Katie Ryan, and Phosphor Games Studio to engage the world in the power of renewable energy through a beautiful gaming experience.
5704 Joe Sayers
Austin, TX 78756
United States
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