Hi everyone,
My name is Emmeline BOCHEREL, and I found TAX SUITS YOU, a corporate and tax law office, in order to help my clients in one hand, and non-profit organizations, in another hand, to grow up their projects, personal, professional, human or environmental. In order to that, I am using tax law as a tool case, more than a "be sure you'll suffer from a migraina" fact. As French Tax Law is complexe, more opportunity you should have dealing with a specialized lawyer. How I am used to work with my clients? I will ask them so many questions, in order to perfectly understand their project, their specificities, their goal and their way of life, to tailor-make for them the most suitable tax schemes they need. Because tax should always suit you... I can help them to implement a real estate or corporate company, to advice them for growing up their business in all aroung the world (or, for international group, to implement a French branch), and to deal with French tax autorities in case of litigation. I can also help to solve national or international conflicts and tensions thanks to amicable dispute resolution certification.
As ecological, cultural and human goals are very important for me, I prevent any tax fraud schemes, and prefer to guide clients who are looking to a tax-fraud system to another attorney. Taxes have to be paid, at a good level, but have not to be prevented, when we know how important taxes are for culture, healthcare and associative sector.
I am also trying to help ecological non-profit organization providing to them free tax advice.
10 rue Gaëtan Rondeau
Nantes, Pays de la Loire 44200
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