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Sustainable Law Group, P.C. [SLG] is a different kind of law firm. We are good lawyers doing good for our clients, community, environment and the world. Our local lawyers represent clients that seek positive social change and strive to maintain the highest ethical standards, just like we do. Whether a social enterprise, green business, non profit organization or small business, our clients inspire us to help them become the best that they can be.
We were founded as a social enterprise law firm with a B Corporation certification, enabling us to factor the good of the planet + people into the decision-making process. It’s not that we don’t like profits, it’s that we insist that profits are made in a sustainable, transparent, and responsible way.
All of us at SLG have worked in the sustainable and or non profit space for decades. As a group and individually, we are dedicated to being good lawyers that do good through our pro bono efforts and local community involvement, and we have always pushed for change in the legal world.
SLG was awarded the “Best For The Long Term” status in 2017 by B Lab because of our commitment to decision making that stands the test of time. Experienced in nonprofit and business startups, contract law, trademark and intellectual property law, employment law, and estate planning, we are always concerned with the long-term sustainable success of our clients as opposed to short-term gains. At our core, we do not believe that good lawyers engage in ‘scorched earth’ tactics. We always work professionally with opposing legal counsel while seeking excellent results for our clients.
525 S. Hewitt Street
Los Angeles, CA 90013
United States
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