We're a California-based company with a vision for positively touching the lives of our customers. Living in a sunny beach town, we know the risks UV radiation poses to our friends and family, and we know that they don't like wearing the current watery, white, greasy sunscreens on the market.
Our four co-founders developed Sonrei, a translucent gel-based sunscreen, because we believe that a sunscreen that feels good and looks good is a sunscreen that will do good. After all, the best sunscreen is the one you'll want to wear
Our name comes from ‘Sonreir’, the Spanish verb for smile. With a twist on the spelling, this name is pronounced like ‘sun-ray’. We aspire to create a business and products that will make your skin and the environment smile.

2712 Miradero Drive
Santa Barbara, CA 93105
United States
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