Headquartered near La Rochelle, on the western coast of France, LÉA NATURE is an independent company founded in 1993 by Charles Kloboukoff. His will: to manufacture natural and organic certified products divided into four categories: food, health and dietetics, cosmetics and hygiene, and household cleaning products. The company grew respecting an aim: to combine economics and ethics thanks to a strong environmental and societal commitment. Since 2013, these CSR (corporate social responsibility) practices have been assessed with the ECOCERT referential 26000 at the “Excellence” level.
Every three years, LÉA NATURE performs a carbon audit and develops a “Climate” action plan. Four types of renewable energies have been installed on the headquarter site: solar heating, photovoltaic solar, air-source energy (with heat pumps) and geothermal energy (with earth tubes). Moreover, all of the electricity consumption of the group comes from renewable energy thanks to the contract “EDF Equilibre” signed with EDF (the French main producer and supplier of electricity). LÉA NATURE works on a daily basis to improve packaging techniques, waste recovery, process, and supply and shipping practices.
SO’BiO étic is the LÉA NATURE brand of beauty products sold in supermarkets. All of these cosmetics are effective and certified organic. Face, body and hair care, hygiene products, make-up, aroma: SO’BiO étic products combine cosmetic quality and components security. The major part of these components is natural and organic, grown in France or coming from fair trade.
SO’BiO étic dedicates 1% of its sales to environnemental organizations. For more information about the non profit organizations we support, learn about our criterias and deadlines, and apply on line, please check our website :
23 Avenue Paul Langevin CS30004
Périgny, null 17183
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