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Small World Adventures specializes in week-long guided whitewater kayaking trips in the far flung places of this planet. We focus on Ecuador, spending four-five months there each winter, but we also offer whitewater trips in the US, Canada, Peru, and Nepal.
Our owners and guides come from varied backgrounds, but we all share one thing—our overwhelming passion for kayaking. We love to be on the rivers as often as possible which means we all love our jobs. What draws us to the river is a combination of our love of the sport of kayaking, the enjoyment we get out of visiting new and places, and the privilege we find in getting access to remote river canyons that only a handful of human beings will ever be fortunate enough to see. For us, kayaking is an escape from the sometimes overwhelming hustle of “normal life.” It is a sport that gives our lives meaning, fills us with happiness, and it is our goal to share this with as many people as possible.
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Salida, CO 81201
United States
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