Samaya makes ultralight 4 seasons tents, for extreme conditions. We are working on a full recycled product line and would like to donate 1% of the sales of this line to an environmental ngo.
Inspired by the sentence «by fairs means» we believe that the end does not justify the means and because the method adopted also gives value to the ascent, our sustainable actions are at the heart of all our decisions.
Aware of the paradox inherent in the development of a company and its carbon footprint, Samaya is committed. We limit our trips abroad as much as possible and stay there for several weeks to limit the impact. We transport our products by train because it is the least polluting means of transport today. We ban single-use items from our offices and field events.
Member of the 1% for the planet, we want our tents to be as long-lasting and as recyclable as possible. This is why we are committed to the life of our products and our ability to repair them.

12c rue du Pré Faucon
Annecy-le-vieux, null 74940
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