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Making spicy statement sauces bold and exciting in a highly distinctive way.
With chillies true to their nature, Sacred Sauces are constructed to transport you beyond the exotic locations from where we curate our vibrant recipes.
Through our products we bring magic, adventure and care alongside our beloved chillies. As a company our mission is to build a socially responsible, humanity+ business that serves and inspires people by planting the principles and values for being good to other people, animals and our environment into the core structure in which we build.
The visions we have with Sacred Sauce is to become a sanctuary, a choice, and badge of honour for the many around the world that are so positively affected by our mission above. You might never know the full joy our vision will bring, but that doesn't lessen the impact it has.
Wherever we are, whatever we do, whatever our roles, we will be great ones. Through our collective community, the Sacred Society, we aim to be in a great position to give, and to always act on that position with integrity. We know we don't need a reason to look out for others.
We are we. We thrive by helping each other, living in service within our smallest villages across our global community. We educate and entertain around tables sharing food and stories, and often stories about food. Clothing and health are hugely important of course, just as is relationships and happiness. It’s a simple act of humanity to make room for and accommodate others. We don't need a reason to look out for others.
The only animals you will ever see in our imagery and video's are alive and well. We are animal-friendly in behaviour, not only our products. We plan to protect and conserve, and fight cruelty wherever we come across it. Though many of us are vegetarian and not fully vegan, we are compassionate to ourselves and our personal learnings too, and have a continued commitment to making a meaningful difference.
We've all seen the posts, where someone says "they should do something about this". We are we. We are also they. We are them. We can, we should, and we will do our part. While we travel we learn - About resources, cultures, and the systems that manage them. Farming, sustainability, recycling, and conservation are just some of the topics we keep at the forefront of our research and development.
We have joined up with and committed to 1% for the Planet. They verify and hold us contractually accountable to give a percentage of our total annual revenue to causes we believe in. They also fully vet the organizations in their network making it easier for us to comfortably align with registered charities that are strictly governed based on the programs they say they’re invested in.
We easily partnered with the Rainforest Trust due to our shared mission, and to support the long-term protection of tropical ecosystems and the wildlife they hold. 100% of the donations handed over to them go to protecting our only planet, and not to admin fees or staff salaries.
Since all of our products give back, you too will help protect species, communities, and habitats under threat. Thank you.
We welcome you to join our Sacred Society:
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  • Whether alone or seemingly small; we're all very powerful
  • We grow strong where we stand, staying resilient to external forces
  • We're fascinated by the others' diversity, we love and appreciate all the kinds
  • Our words and actions are like seeds; we only plant the ones we want to grow
  • Nature is magic; we expect to flower and fruit, and allow others to change too
  • We sustain the joy we bring, letting the warmth linger, always focused on the long term
  • We compliment everything we touch, when we mix we become better, together

It's on all of these very real principles that we're building a socially responsible company - built on something seemingly small yet very powerful.

Visions in every drop 🌶🌵
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