ROY is a Kombucha Brewery based in Berlin, Germany. We are launching our production next month in August. We brew our raw Kombucha in small batches in our own brewery and do not use any pasteurization techniques in order to preserve all the health benefits of Kombucha. Our first flavors are going to be Mate Kombucha as well as Coffee Kombucha, using only five ingredients: filtered water, cane sugar, Kombucha culture, fresh Mate leaves/cold brew coffee and CO2. In the near future, we will add other flavors to our product range. Wherever we can, we use organic ingredients and source them from organic certified companies.
Our target group are Millenials, which we want to address through our tasty, functional and natural products. With ROY, we want to represent and promote an active, healthy and conscious lifestyle.
ROY was founded by Fabio Carlucci & Rupert Hoffschmidt, two long-time friends who have both worked in the Berlin startup scene before. Fabio is originally half Swiss and half Italian and Rupert is German. They both moved to Berlin over 6 years ago already, which is when they met. The idea for ROY came to be when Rupert was immersing himself into the world of gut health and fermentation, where he discovered the benefits of products such as Kombucha. They have been working on ROY for the past year already using nothing but their savings and are now finally opening their own brewery.
Gustav-Adolf-Straße 162
Berlin, null 13086
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