ROTBLOC is a barrier wrap engineered to prevent premature ground-line rot of round or square wood poles and posts utilized for the trellising in vineyards, hop farms, orchards, ranch and urban fencing, pole barns, etc.
ROTBLOC will prohibit the chemicals within pressure treated wood from leeching into the surrounding soil where it is applied.
ROTBLOC is a zero-waste product made from 100% recycled and repurposed waste and is 100% recyclable.
ROTBLOC is the only product certified for organic use on organic farms and ranches.
ROTBLOC maximizes the life of the wood unit, resulting in less environmental waste of wood poles and timbers and wood units.
ROTBLOC is 100% USA Made in our facility in Bend, Oregon.
63003 Plateau Drive Suite #3
Bend, OR 97701
United States
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