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My passion for landscape photography is driven by a love of being outdoors in wild and remote places. I’m captivated by our planet's dynamic landscapes and diverse climates. The more time I spend in these beautiful and wild places, the more I feel compelled to protect them. From this desire came a mission: use photography as a tool to celebrate and safeguard Earth's natural wonders. I am a self-taught photographer who enjoys the process of learning through active experience. I strive to capture images that connect with people on an emotional level — hopefully inspiring them to appreciate the beauty of our natural world in a deeper and more personal way.
I am actively involved in the sport of soccer as a business person, with a specific focus on developing the American player and the relevance of the sport in the United States. I love the global nature of the “beautiful game.” Throughout my life it has served as a cultural passport, helping me connect and better understand the people I meet as I travel the world. I am an athlete by background and continue to participate in the sports I love as an avid (but now slow) alpine skier and soccer player. Above all else, I have come to learn that I am an artist at heart with a passion for life and learning.
I’ve partnered with 1% for the Planet to establish a symbiotic relationship that enables 100% of the profits from the sale of my work to benefit environmental conservation efforts. The concept of Fine Art Photography for Environmental Conservation enables art consumers the opportunity to not only to appreciate art, but to know that the art they purchase is doing good by helping to protect our planet for future generations. The photography work I create for this venture allows me to combine my skills and philanthropic interests in a way that is wholly gratifying because it’s focused on protecting what I love and care very deeply about.
I hope my photography inspires you to get outside into the wild, maybe even “off grid” if you are up for it, but at the very least to reflect on and appreciate the beauty of our planet’s natural wonders.
224 County Line Road
Wayne, PA 19087
United States
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