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We're are a 100% family business for over 25 years. We manufacture a fire starter made from recycled waxes and wood shavings. One fire Starter will burn for 30 minutes with a 10 inch flame and is guaranteed to start you campfire, wood stoves or fire places with out the need for kindling or newspaper. Our product is sold at in both in the US and Canada, mostly in campgrounds and some online. One of our core business values is the environment and ensuring the next generation will enjoy campfire as we do. We take pride in our " keep the Campfire Alive" program. Starting in 2017, for every case of 50 fire starter sold online a portion of the proceeds will go to planting trees and for every case sold at a trade show we plant a tree with Forests Ontario (www.forestsontario.ca). We strongly believe in the 1% for the plant program and its not just about donating 1% but also a business model every business should follow.
308 Justin Dr
Carleton Place, ON K7C 0C4
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