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With a commitment to quality, design and originality, QDOS designs, manufactures and distributes accessories for iPhone, iPad, MacBook as well as smartphones and tablets. We provide expert craftsmanship, quality raw materials and ground-breaking product design innovations such as the OptiGuard™ Infinity Glass, which sets QDOS products at the premium end of the accessories market.
Environmental awareness is no doubt on the rise, so we have taken on a new venture to do our bit to protect the planet. We have reduced plastic in our packaging, transferred over to more sustainable packaging designs and use 100% recyclable materials where we can.
The journey to save the planet has already started in the world of QDOS, and we’re adopting more eco-friendly strategies along the way. The development of our 'recycling scheme’ is full steam ahead, where customers will be able to return their OptiGuard™ applicators in store for it to be reduced, re-used and re-cycled.
We’ve already hit the ground running with ECO, an 100% biodegradable smartphone case created from plant-based polymers, free from harmful chemicals - Customers can put this case in their compost for it to decompose, leaving no trace of micro-plastics! With the ever growing demand for eco-friendly products, we’re also developing a new series of bio-products which will include cases for Apple AirPods as well as top spec Qi wireless chargers- did we mention these are all going to be biodegradable?
And if this wasn’t enough, QDOS are also partnering with ‘1% for the Planet’, committing to giving 1% of our ‘ECO series’ sales each year to approved non-profit environmental organisations, so that collectively they can be a more powerful source in solving the world’s problems.
QDOS are now more motivated than ever to reduce our carbon footprint and implement this in every way we can.
The climate crisis is now, and we want to make an impact before it’s too late.
The Old Stables, Frosbury Farm, Gravetts Lane, Worplesdon, Gravetts Lane
Guildford, Guildford GU3 3JW
United Kingdom
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