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Started in 2016 in Port Moody, British Columbia, Canada by the husband and wife team of Marcin and Magda, Art of Pottery is not only a simple stoneware shop but a way for the everyday consumer to experience a slice of Polish culture. Stoneware has long been a part of traditional Polish home life and integral to Magda and Marcin’s upbringing in Poland. Passed down from generation to generation, grandparents and parents have shared these timeless dining sets with their children and grandchildren. It is this superior craftsmanship, functionality and Polish heritage that Art of Pottery would like to share with the world.
We admire and appreciate the passion that is embodied within each piece of stoneware and acknowledge the superior quality and artistry which goes into every piece of what we call “living art”. Our products are simple and functional but possess the ability to enrich both your life and the life of future generations, ensuring that the traditions of handmade pottery are not lost in the modern age. In a world filled with plastics, mass production and dying arts we offer the chance to own some of the last remaining handmade and unique items the world has to offer. We carefully select every product in our store to create a unique atmosphere within your home and bring you the best of what Boleslawiec (pronounced "bol-les-slavi-etz") ceramic has to offer. We are in a constant search for new forms, patterns and colors and work with a cooperation of exceptional artists who continually redefine the concept of Boleslawiec pottery.
In addition to supporting local artists and handmade crafts in today’s highly industrial world, we also strive to limit our impact on the planet. Sustainability and ecology are very important for our family we are proud members of 1% for the Planet.
55 Hawthorn Drive, Unit 6
Port Moody, BC V3H 0B3
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