PicThrive is a photo/video sales and marketing platform used by tour and activity operators throughout the world to grow their business.
Remember your last vacation? Maybe you did something amazing like whitewater rafting, swimming with sharks or zipping down the through a rainforest. Tour operators are providing professional quality photos and videos of these experiences but are stuck using USBs or CDs to deliver them to their guests.
Via PicThrive's cloud platform, its made easy for adventure tourism operators to quickly deliver more photos and videos to their guests. It's powerful marketing tools turn social sharing into new bookings and reviews. For the tourist, we make it simple for them to buy, view and share their photos and videos immediately after an experience.
Why we want to contribute:
Tour and activity operators connect tourist to nature. Once connected people begin to respect nature. Our clients do this every day. We have heard stories from one of our clients, how they have taken loggers on their zipline and nature tour. They would later hear from their guests the following year. Their tour had such an impact that they have had loggers actually quit and change their career.
PicThrive is helping our clients go green and get away from USBs and CDs. Not only are these devices harmful to produce by they are now frequently tossed out as people store their media on the cloud.
Our company is reliant on mother nature. We cannot exploit it without giving back. We want to ensure that we can continue to provide the guests with the best way to remember life their changing moments by helping nature thrive.
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