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Photo Journey was founded by Johnny and Mark in February 2019. It is a means of sharing their passion and knowledge in photography, adventure and Nepal. Before becoming professional photographers, Johnny and Mark served as officers in the British Army's elite Brigade of Gurkhas, forging strong bonds with Nepal and its people. Both men have played a variety of roles in sustainable development, particularly in rural hill villages and have provided imagery for the likes of UK charity, the Gurkha Welfare Trust.
Photo Journey prides itself on facilitating thoughtful, ethical, exciting and life-changing experiences; and sharing unique insight into the Brigade of Gurkhas and Nepal.
Photo Journey runs two tours per year, each of ten days, each a combination of photographic training hung on the framework of adventurous journeys and experiences, trekking in the hills, embedding in the villages and being expertly guided around the sights in and around Pokhara.
3 North Street
Mere, null BA12 6HH
United Kingdom
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