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Our mission is to create the most intuitive, comprehensive, and inspiring adventure resource. Ever.
Outdoor Project was created in 2013 to address an increasingly chaotic and time-consuming chore: planning outdoor adventures. The phenomenal efforts of talented storytellers and outdoor experts were real, but outdoor enthusiasts looking to tap into those incredible stories were forced to wade through a discouraging number of resources to find information and inspiration for their next adventure.
Outdoor Project is a simple, unifying platform that collocates passion and inspiration with essential information for a huge variety of outdoor activities. It’s a resource for outdoor enthusiasts built by outdoor enthusiasts who know that the best way to protect the world that feeds their souls is to enlist the passions of fellow adventurers.
Every phase of an outdoor adventure (before, during and after) has a home at Outdoor Project. Whether members are searching or preparing for an adventure, using Outdoor Project’s customized maps while they are out in the field or sharing reviews and inspiring photography through community profiles once the adventure is complete, the goal is the same: to facilitate a passionate relationship between our users and the outdoors.
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