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We are a promotional products and corporate apparel company working hard to ensure that when you purchase promotional items for your business, that you consider the effects that they have on the environment.
We're often asked for things like cardboard pens, but we urge you to consider the lifespan of the pen. Surely, purchasing a pen with 3000 meters of ink which will last years is better than a pen that ends up in the bin if it gets wet or ends up under a heavy pile of books and gets squashed out of shape. Monty's operates a pen recycling program so when they do finally run out, we'll send them back to be pulled apart where the springs can be reused, and the plastic can be crushed and converted into playground equipment as part of the TerraCycle program.
Think about what sort of conference bag you wish to give to all your attendees and then think about all those similar bags that you have back home in your cupboard as reminders of events that you've been to. Bags are a fantastic way to get your brand out to a wider audience, but you have to do it right. Think about the bags that you love and reuse all the time. Are they maybe a bit bigger, made of jute material and maybe they have an attractive design instead of just a pile of text with the event name and dates on? By getting a little creative, you can increase the chances that your bag will make it out and about more often after the conference is finished.
What about drink bottles and takeaway coffee cups? While the bottled water industry produces an insane number of throw away bottles every day, think about what makes your favourite coffee cup or drink bottle special. Is it the cheapest one of the market or would you prefer to use one that might cost a bit more, but will be kept in your car or on your desk all the time?
Looking for a t-shirt for your next event.... did you know that both our AS Colour range and Gildan range of clothing scored an A- in the Tear Fund 2019 Ethical Fashion Report which is fantastic?
We understand that you have budgets, but would like to encourage you to buy less, but buy better quality items which will be used and shared for far longer than spending the same amount on many cheaper products. It's all about choices so give us a call today on 0508 666897 to discuss more sustainable ways of spending your marketing budget.
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