Matt Chesebrough Photography



I am just getting started but, have eyes on making a large impact.
I create fine art landscape and travel photography.
My mission is to offer clients landscape and travel photography from around the world, inspiring in them a sense of adventure and increasing their desire to explore and protect the planet.
My Vision - What is important to me
PLANET: Be a responsible citizen that makes a difference through supporting the building and growing of sustainable communities. Create art that can be displayed using environmentally conscious methods. Invest in sustainable practices around the world.
SERVICE: Give both financially and time to organizations committed to improving and protecting the environment.
PEOPLE: Treat everyone encountered with respect and humility. (Be a great place to work where people are inspired to reach their creative potential)
PARTNERS: Nurture a network of professional relationships, creating lasting value for clients.
CUSTOMERS: Value the relationship of my customers, making their experience a positive and memorable one.
PRODUCTS: Offer environmentally friendly materials whenever possible. Include the story of the picture for background.
2950 Via Torino
Santa Clara, CA 95051
United States
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