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LYF Solutions® is a trusted digital marketing firm dedicated to helping small business owners to grow online.
We work together with small business owners to inspire, empower and guide them on their pathway to success. We do this through our services in web design and development, search engine optimisation, search engine marketing, content and social media marketing and our green web hosting offering.
We take great pride in the work that we deliver, both locally and globally as a team. You can read our values here.
Our commitment to the environment is to help others make a difference too
As an organisation, our name is inspired by our carbon neutral operations. We use 100% GreenPower and partner with leaders like Carbon Neutral and the Green Web Foundation to offer web hosting that makes a positive difference on the environment, not only for our business but our clients too. Many are surprised to find out that the world wide web contributes to a large number of global emissions. By making more sustainable choices, we can all make a difference.
To get inspired, visit our Learn Hub online for small business owners.
And if you like the sound of what we stand for and want to work with us, then please get in contact with our team here.

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