Lyapunov - stability in motion -



Lyapunov realises tailormade rope walking projects from A to Z for events, festivals, television, individuals, ... Rope walking is a passion for us wich includes: slack rope, slackline, tight wire and funambule. This also covers 'highlining' (slacklining up high in the mountains, between buildings or towers, ...). We love nature and the outdoors and feel connected to her during our trainings and outdoor projects. We can enjoy natures beauty and the possibilities and challenges she provides. We also see her change and are often confronted with the impact humans have on her. Both personally and as a company we strive to minimize our footprint.
"Slackening peoples mind by strengthening their balance" is our mission. By joining the 1% For The Planet movement Lyapunov commits itself to do more for the future of our planet, add our contributions to the scale and step by step (on our ropes, wires and lines) tip the balance back in planet's favour.
Toekomststraat 19
Muizen (Mechelen), Antwerpen 2812
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